In Numbers

This past Wednesday marked one month since my arrival in Ethiopia in June. To sum up my first 30 days here in numbers:

27 – Number of rainy days experienced
100 – Number of injera rolls eaten
75 – Number of cups of coffee/macchiato drank
0.50 – Price (USD) per cup of coffee/macchiato
 – Price (USD) of lunch at Jhpiego, my organization
25 – Average duration of walking commute, in minutes (one-way)
25 – Average number of homeless children encountered during commute
50 – Maximum distance (ft) reachable without hearing, “China!”
6 – Number of previously unpronounceable consonants in Amharic learned
1 – Number of phones stolen
10 – Number of times ass saved by helpful strangers
400 – Average monthly rent (USD) for a bedroom in a shared, western apartment or compound in a nice neighborhood
40 – Average monthly pay (USD) for a live-in maid
9 – Number of official seats in a public minibus
22 – Number of people seen crammed into said minibus (self included)
1 – Number of times driven down the wrong side of the road
1 – Number of “European Swimming Pool”s ordered at a bar  (In case you’re wondering, it sounded more interesting than it tasted.)
0 – Number of times fallen ill to stomach bug

I call that last one a victory.


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